I imagine you've come here because you're struggling. By being here, you've taken the first step toward understanding why. The next step is reaching out to talk to a counselor. I'll meet you where you are in this process. You set the pace. With compassion, empathy, and non-judgment, I will create a safe space where you feel heard and understood, so we can explore whatever brings you to therapy. We'll look at behaviors that work for you, understand behaviors that no longer serve you, and identify areas you want to change.

We will draw from your existing strengths and integrate them with counseling techniques that help to move you toward living the life that you desire. I enjoy working with college students, adults of all ages and have had success treating anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship concerns, survivors of domestic violence, and trauma and grief and loss.

You've taken the first step toward understanding why by being here. Take the second step. Call me at 206.581.9555 or e-mail me at  Let’s work together, so you can start living the life that you deserve. The first session is free.